UnPoetia:Birds of the Hair

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Look at thee! You with your plastic noses and ornate Nipple-guards. do you not know the perils of

such... mockery?

The fruit of your labor is sour, for you try to hide your true nature behind a false visage -

A plastic false visage, but a visage nontheless.

And you! Harem Sheik! Your filthy brothels are a breeding ground for STDs, and your cheap whores

look like cows! Eugh!

Forsooth! Dost thou hath a quill pen prithee? I wish no longer

to labor over this horrid legion of circuitry and mechanisms.

This world - how the times have changed! Once, when I was a young man,

even the harlots had class;

white makeup, fine wigs and fake moles. but now, just about anyone

wearing a corset (and nothing more) counts as one.

Wars were sophisticated;

Gentlemen dueled, and ladies stood out,

but now, even, as you say, dykes can fight? Madness!

Complete, and utter, madness!

I can no longer bear this monsterosity,

I wash my hands of this madness.