UnPoetia:Abraham Lincoln's fair-weather waffle frolic

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The children are dressed delightfully dandy

In knickers and skirts of fair yellow

The women fuss over frills and organdy

While scanning the gents for a dapper fellow


An air of gay frivolity fills the town

Festive banners hung from every grave

Everyone is invited to come on down

For today is the waffle frolic with Honest Abe!

The griddles are aglow with a bright reddish hue

Old maids mix up fresh batter

The gazelles look anxious amidst the hullaballoo

For soon they would be gang-raped

Yes! All cheered when the batter hit the griddles

There was a bubbling and a spit-spit-spat!

Fresh blueberries came as they played the fiddles

Uncle Mort was first to dip his penis in the vat

The men dropped their pants when the gazelles came in

While children munched sweet waffle treats

Honest Abe announced “Let the games begin!”

And the gents buttered up their floppy man-meats

The animal sodomy took off with a bang

You could hear the gazelles huff and wheeze

The womenfolk cheered on the zealous gang

As into each beast’s hole a plump cock squeezed

Much merriment was had when old Abe joined in

His top hat rocking with each firm thrust

The women all marveled at his hip gyration

Because anal-fucking prowess for men is a must!

Yes! It was indeed a day full of cheer

Many waffles were consumed and gazelles fucked

We all look forward to the frolic next year

But with a better band; this year they sucked