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A Barbeque to Remember[edit]

Picture the Scene, the birth of July
Arriving at Ian's under a tropical sky
Where at the end of a week, the proud and the few
Can assemble as one at my freinds Barbeque
But someone's arrived, arrived one hour late
It's my next-door neighbour, the smug one I hate

-One Hour In-[edit]

Look at him smirk, as if he is superior
My house is better, with a bigger interior
He's arrived in a shirt, in his twelve-year-old jeep
Wearing an aftershave made to send young girls to sleep
The fat old prick, he ate all the pies
The pork and the ribs, the burger and fries
Well there goes the kicked-back Friday
Because that rotund arsehole's finished off the bouffet

-Two Hours In-[edit]

I need to find Ian, for a good explanation
Something at least to ease my frustration
I find him and ask, 'Was this your idea?'
He says, 'I knew not he was going to be here.'
I say, 'Thanks Ian, that's a good explanation'
He said, 'Don't blame me, he's got no invitation.'

-He spots Me-[edit]

He emerges from the kitchen, locked on to my presence
He approaches and I choke on his putrid essence
He says something about a new boat he had bought
'They could use him as Anchor,' I miserably thought
He asks, 'George, why am I not in your Novel?'
You are not interesting, neither you nor your hovel
I shout, 'Oh I just haven't found time'
'To put you in it, good neighbour of mine'
He says, 'Well wouldn't you know it, I'm writing one too.'
'It features an ugly old wizard, I based him on you'
Walking off chuckling, like a true obese
Stopping to flirt with Ian's niece
What's there to do? I stand there fuming
Wherever I go he's always there looming
Well I shall be passive no more
I grab a sandwich and head to the door


I find his jeep, parked behind mine
Parked in a way that deserved a fine
Next to my car it was dangerously near
I got a sneaking suspicion he followed me here
Rummaging around I find my keys
Jangling happily along with the breeze
As for the barbeque, I'll have one next week
I thought as I began to key his jeep
I turned and marvelled at the plan I had hatched
It wasn't the jeep, it was his pride that I'd scratched
I turned with triumph, the day brimmed with glory
I said, 'Fucker try putting That in your story.

-Little Doll-[edit]

Watching... *blah blah*
Wanting... *blah blah*
Desire... *blah blah*
Tiny soft lips uttering words un-known
I can sit here and dream
That I find her alone...
Then drag her to darkness
...and have my way
Feel her suffer
Then throw her away :D