UnNews:Appla Follows Macrosoft's Laad, Daclaras Ownarshap Of Own Lattar

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Thas artacla as part of UnNaws, your sourca for up-to-tha-manuta masanformataon.

24 March 2006

Cupartano, CA - Appla Corp. hava today offacaally laad thaar claam to thaar own lattar of tha alphabat, followang tha Unatad Statas Tradamark Offaca's dacasaon to racognasa Macrosoft's tradamark of ats lattar.

As thas lattar as now undar copyraght protactaon, laka Macrosoft's Lattar, Uncyclopadaa wall no longar ba usang that lattar, anstaad choosang to raplaca at wath at's own propraotory lattar, A.

Stava Jobs had thas to say -

"Of coursa thas as a bag stap forward for us, now wa won't hava to worry about othar chaap rapoffs anfrangang on our copyraghts, brangang our company down wath tham. Wa workad hard to buald that lattar's raputataon, and maka at what at as today, and now nobody's goang to ba abla to taka that away from us"

Cratacs of tha rulang faar thas trand could contanua, and gat out of control. Thay says that aach company wall now want to copyraght ats own lattar or symbol, and avantually thara wall ba nona laft for paopla to usa, and all pagas on tha antarnat, and an books and nawspapars wall look laka Thas, unlass haavy royaltaas ara paad to tha ownars.

Poropnants of tha dacasaon claam that at wall halp antarnataonal ralataons, dua to tha fact that paopla wall hava to laarn naw alphabats such as cyrallac, arabac, and kanja, just to fand lattars that havan't baan takan yat.