UnDebate:When Texans sing "Oh give me home where the buffalo roam..." are they subconsciously asking to live in rooms filled with bovine excrement?

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Background information[edit]

I once saw a movie with my uncle Steve... No, it was my Dad. No, now I come to think of it, it was my uncle Steve. Or my uncle Barry. But I seem to recall I saw it with my Dad later. Originally, however, I saw it with my uncle, Steve or Barry, I forget. But it was probably Steve.

In this movie, which was very funny, or am I thinking of 'What's Up Doc?' And isn't that a funny scene with the plate of glass and the Chinese dragon on that hill... anyhow, in this movie, which now I recall, I think it was an epic western and you aren't supposed to laugh when the Indians attack the wagon train, or was it a fort, so it can't have been a comedy. I don't know what made me think it was. Anyhow this thing happened and then that actor, what's his name, the one with the big nose who was in that movie with that guy who was in that movie with that Ernie Borgnine. Is that how to spell 'Borgnine'? With a 'nine'? Well, he was in it anyhow?

And to cut a short story even shorter, he sang 'The Yellow Rose of Texas' where she sings... oh! I was thinking of the wrong movie. A woman sang it! Well, when she... and I think she was the one that got shot by that cowboy who always had that scar, you know, the one in the movie about the gold when he says 'you ain't got nothing!' and sneers and I think he was in the movie with the actor that was in that movie alongside that guy with the white hat, white-ish, well off-white, sort of grey, mostly... anyhow it was black and white so it was hard to tell, well she sang and...! Oh! YES!

It was with my uncle Steve!



They must do because 'only steers and queers come from Texas' and I learnt that from a movie and MOVIES DON'T LIE!


This is plainly balderdash because even a child can see that it is clearly rubbish!



Because I am from Texas.


Because *I* am from Texas!


The issue is important as it has a direct bearing on the validity of Western Culture and, consequently, the impact of that culture on Congressional decisions, as in the case of McLintock vs 'Oh...klahoma, where the wind comes rushing cross the plain!' and in the landmark decision of BellEnd Inc. vs Miami Swamp Reclamation Board (1953), where the overturning of such a vital foundaton stone to the modern communist state of the union would be nothing short of truly catastrophic.

In light of the implications, and after asking the Chinese Government whether its ok, we are forced to ignore the facts, as the Senate is wont to do, and say 'YES!' in capital letters so you know we mean business!