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I have noticed that my fan has made my ceiling concave outwards, which made me wonder which the natural direction for ceiling fans to go is. I'm talking about weather fans would go up or down (it's probably something to do with air flow) if there was no ceiling to hold them.

Do Ceiling Fans go Up or Down?[edit]


Some cultures around the world believe that fans go up, and the only thing that holds them from flying off into the atmosphere like a cheap helicopter is the ceiling. Think about it, how many ceiling fans have you seen without ceilings? That's right. They're all in outer space.


Ceiling fans usually run at a high speed in the downwards direction to fight the additional atmospheric pressure caused by greenhouse gasses. They also propell themselves down, in an attempt to decapitate someone. If it can pull the ceiling down far enough, it’s off with your head.


You need to be really stupid to think that ceiling fans go up. A better question would be whether ceiling fans prefer lemonade or onionade.


There have been some technological innovations in the field of fans, in recent years, with some models now being able to spin in both directions. This means that the fan can go both downwards (the traditional direction), and also upwards into the atmosphere. This means that both the sides of the debate are correct.