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Here you see a baby.
Do you know how it comes into the world?


Here you see the father and mother.
They have made a baby together.

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Here the father and mother have no clothes on.
You can see the mother's breasts and the mother's slit.
The slit is called the vagina.
You can see the father's willy.
The willy is called the penis.


Father's penis gets big.
It stands up stiff.
Mother and Father would really like to put his penis into her vagina.
That is really good!

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Mother and Father lie on the bed.
He puts his penis into her vagina and jiggles it about.
This is how they can play together, Mother and Father bumping up and down on each other.
This is called sexual intercourse.


In the father's sack there are many tiny sperm.
When the father and mother have intercourse, the sperm come out of the penis.
Normally Father wears a rubber raincoat on his willy, but one day he gets too excited and forgets.
Silly Father.

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Many many days pass.
Nine months have passed since the sperm and the egg came together.
Now the Mother tells the Father that she is going to have a baby.
Father's face gets stuck in a grimace.


They decide that 9 months of being naked is probably too much.
They put clothes on and Father decides that they have to do something about this baby.
He doesn't want to have a screaming child ruining his life.

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Father drives Mother to the clinic.
He doesn't want Mother to have a baby, so they are going to talk to the baby removing doctor.


Mother lies down in the bed in the clinic.
A doctor comes in and speaks to Mother and Father.
The doctor says there is only one way he can stop the baby now.

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The mother begins to give birth.
First comes the baby's head out of the mother's vagina.
This means the doctor can no longer use his baby stopping hammer.
Father is worried that the baby is going to ruin his life.


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The baby is born, and there is nothing the Father can do now.
He smiles on the outside, but is crying for all his lost freedom on the inside.
Mother looks very happy, as now father can never be free.


Mother's boobies are now full of food for the baby.
Father used to enjoy playing with mother's boobies.
Now if he tries he gets squirted.
This is why you should always use a condom.

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