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  • As there has been next to no activity on this page in 9 months, UnBooks is moving from a monthly vote to a monthly feature decided by regular maintainers as discussed here. The hope is that this will be temporary, and if anyone wants to revive the UnBooks community, let UU know. But for now, this page is considered inactive.
  • Sign below an UnBooks article you find excellent. Please add new nominations on the top.
  • Only UnBooks should be placed here. For voting on regular features, see VFH. Any UnBook can be nominated and featured via ordinary VFH at any time.
    • Initial nominations do not count as a vote For. Please use "Nomination and For" or some iteration thereof if you wish to vote for your nomination.
    • IP votes carry half the weight of registered votes.
    • Unsigned votes and votes without timestamps will be struck out, so make sure you sign your votes with ~~~~ or press the "your signature with timestamp" button (Button sig.png) above the edit box.
    • You may nominate and vote for your own articles if you so choose - please note it on your nomination.
  • Failed nominations should only be archived/removed by the sysops UnBook club dudes who pay attention to this sort of thing.
  • You can find archives of previously featured UnBooks here, with vote archives here.

Current Nominations (new stuff at top, prefix votes with * )[edit]

SELF-NOMINATION REGULATION: self-nominated articles (i.e. you write an article and then decide to nominate it yourself) must be at least a week old before nomination. Articles nominated by people other than the author can still be nominated at any time.

VANITY REGULATION: Articles that meet the criteria for vanity may not be nominated.

UnBooks:Zombiebaron's Adventure To The Zoo[edit]

  • Symbol for vote.svg Nom&For This thing looks abandoned but I'll give it a shot. --~ Mimo.gifMimomaxus.gifMaxus.gif 16:58, February 5, 2011 (UTC)