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And so...[edit]

The board games are on the table, the punch is spiked...real hard...and the seconds tick until our friends arrive. We drink, we play, we stare into each other’s eyes...a few seconds too long...for our own good. The dogs get pet and the kids are put to bed, the laughs become squeals...sensual squeals. The jokes get saucier, the ice melts and everything starts buzzing hard. At some point during the night, the big question arises: "Should we do anything when the dogs rape each other?"

First...the answer[edit]

No. They should, in fact, be encouraged to rape each other. Its midnight, you and your company are on the third drink, happy and tipsy, the dogs start raping each others orifices, you should form a circle and cheer them on. You can bet on which dog rapes which (an excellent party game). So laugh and laugh the night away. No one gets hurt. The dogs might feel a slight sensation of tearing tissue and crushed veins, but only one of them does really and just for a few days.

Your neighbours could bring their dogs next time and maybe they'll force themselves onto yours. No! Make sure it's your dog who performs canine violation. Buy some Viagra ahead of time and mash it into his food. You'll feel better knowing your dog was the hot stud. Your household honour is on the line you see.

Puppy dog eyes have been genetically designed over time to make humans feel sorry for them.

Reasons for[edit]

It's thrilling and provides motivation for your company to come over next time. Face it, these nights together are monotonous, none of you connect closely except for those hard drinks and other substances. Having your dogs rape each other or even the promise of that happening is one more reason to hang out despite having nothing in common.

It's a great story to tell at the office the next day. After people talk about their kids hockey games and tea parties you can announce to everyone that your dog raped your neighbours' dogs colon to smithereens. Everyone in the office will be jealous and you just might have some new company in the future. Anyone who comes over to your house after hearing that is the kind of company you want to have.

Reasons against[edit]

There is no reason to stop your dogs from raping each other in front of company.

These two brothers will grow up and one day become very frisky.


It's a lot of fun watching dogs rape each other. Hi-lights include watching a small dog rape a big one, two female dogs rapping the shit out of each others faces, one dog raping the other so hard it thinks its on the planet Pluto.

Legal problems[edit]

It is technically illegal to encourage dogs to rape eachother. There is no law that states that you must discourage it. You can only watch them force themselves on each other’s anuses and vaginas if it is spontaneous. If you just happen to feed them both a kilo of aphrodisiacs and corner them in the living room, then that doesn't mean it was encouraged. The argument should stand up in court.

Raping the dogs yourself in front of company[edit]

Do this only if you are completely sure your company is into it. Bring up the idea up as a joke and check their reaction. If their uncomfortable laughs turn to a roll of the eye which turns into staring off into space longing for the thrill of raping dogs then by all means initiate a canine a gang bang. Naturally check with your spouse first. If he/she is not interested, do that sort of thing during a poker game or the likes. Texas holdem and doggy style rodeos make a great pair.

Beagles are motivated above all by food and will do anything to get it.

Bypassing the dogs and directly raping your company yourselves[edit]

This is a very grey zone. Raping your company poses theoretical problems like unwanted pregnancies and long-term animosity.

Having your dog rape your company[edit]

This is also quite a grey zone. In some cases it's not a good idea to let your dog rape your company, as they may not come over to your house again.

What about getting your friends to rape each other?[edit]

That might be a neat idea.

Dressing up the dogs has been known to provoke rape from other dogs or your friends.

Dealing with the aftermath, the next morning[edit]

Whether it is your dog raping your other dog, your neighbours' dog, your boss or you raping a pack of Dalmatians, there is always a mess to clean up the next day. If the mess is simply stains on the carpets, well, don't do it over the carpets you silly turkey. Pad your house with plastic wrap. If your problems are of a legal nature, do not let your dogs rape your co-workers in countries where imprisonment is likely. You are bound to be the object of many scary peoples enjoyment in that place.


Anyone who criticizes dog rape has never witnessed it before and is jealous. They should be invited over to your house as soon as possible. They should bring their dogs and their loved ones. Much like fight club, if it's anyone’s first time, they must not discourage anything that might happen.

Social networking[edit]

Numerous Facebooking and tweeting goes on re: canine molestation. Unfortunately a lot of de-friending also happens. Dog foolery is always a sensation on YouTube. There is no better way to get your view count up than to spread the joy and helarity of pet antics online. It will be like a diary so that you can recall those fun nights when you are old and miss those rambunctious days of yore and cross-species love.