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This small book, which you can read when either you have spare time, are done masturbating, or are actually interested in, gives someone like you a large amount of information from the people who have actually had it happen to them. Most segments will consist of an interview with the subject, who will detail the experiences that happened to her. As only women have vaginas, this book is either for women interesting in finding out and trying one of these, or for the men who just want to read about vagina.

Chapter 1: Venus vagina[edit]

A Venus Vagina. Don't have sex with someone that has this, or you may find yourself missing the majority of your manhood.

We first caught up with a girl who had the extremely rare Venus Vagina. Katelyn Moore had only recently discovered her unusual genitalia shortly before she and her boyfriend were planning to make love. It was a lucky discovery too, as regular sex with a Venus Vagina can result in castration.

Venus Vagina is normally characterized by change in color of the vagina, along with small teeth-like objects growing in a ring around the opening. Unless something is really small in diameter, the teeth will trap it, allowing acid produced by a mutated womb to dissolve the object, normally the male penis.

Chapter 2: Flaming vagina[edit]

This is an example of the extreme flames that flaming vagina can be compared to.

Our next subject is someone who is quite literally one of the hottest people our crew has ever met. Her name is Lily Cain, and she has a flaming vagina. Being a mechanic, Lily always had to use a blowtorch to help cut unnecessary parts off of cars, but she never thought her vagina would begin to spew out flame as well.

Flaming vagina is similar to Venus Vagina in that it has no apparent cause, but unlike the similar disorder, it causes much trouble to those who have it. Symptoms are standard, including nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, headache, and dizziness. To prevent her clothes from catching on fire, Lily wears fireproof panties to prevent the flames from igniting her clothes. The most obvious symptom is flames coming out of the vagina. Sometimes, flames will be stopped and will only heat the vagina up. Sometimes, a small candle-like flame will appear, while other times massive amounts of fire will shoot out. Lily appears to be able to control the flames emerging from her vagina, increasing it from a small lighter tip to a massive flamethrower.

As for how the disorder started, even Lily herself doesn't know. "I was sitting back in my jacuzzi relaxing in the warm water when some of it began to evaporate at an extreme rate. Standing up, a massive amount of flame was shooting out of my vagina. For some reason, I put my hand there to cover it up, and I didn't get burned." After trying for a half-hour to stop it, including spreading peanut butter over it, shaving her hair around it, and corking it up with a cork, Lily began to tighten up down there, shrinking the flame. This bought her just enough time to take a pile of fireproof material and cut some panties out of it.

While one would think Lily's life would be ruined, that is not the case. Surprisingly, her flaming vagina actually helps her with work. "Whenever I have something I need to weld, I just drop my panties and open wide down there. It does the job perfectly, and I don't need a blowtorch anymore." She has found out that masturbation is the best way to keep the flames down. She has also found out that, if it becomes powerful enough, her flaming vagina can let her hover in the air like a helicopter for a short amount of time.

Chapter 3: Tentacle-filled vagina[edit]

Asia, the girl we had the pleasure of interviewing.

Our last strange disorder comes from a girl named Asia, unsurprisingly located in Japan, home of tentacle monsters. Her vaginal occurrence is different from the others in that she actually remembers how she started suffering this disorder.

Tentacle-filled vagina has normally occurred at least once to most Japanese girls. It normally happens around 6 months after tentacle rape, and ends around 9 months after tentacle rape. Symptoms include breast and belly expansion, increase in hotness, and tentacles coming out of the vagina(only later-on).

"I was walking down an alleyway when I was grabbed by a tentacle monster. Being a nice schoolgirl, I asked him what he needed. He replied that he had to release some internal fluid into me or else he would explode. Knowing that turning him down would be bad, I kindly accepted, and he released the fluid into me. Over the next 9 months, my belly and breasts began to grow, and tentacles began to grow out of my vagina as the young tentacle monster inside me got bigger and bigger. Finally, after a little coaxing, I convinced it to never fully leave my belly until I said so, and it complied. Ever since then, I've been more popular and famous then ever before."

Asia got an offer from a Japanese hentai company to be their first real-life model, and she excited accepted. Her task was to make extremely hot shots of either her giving birth to the tentacle monster, or her with tentacles dangling out of her vagina. She has reaped thousands of dollars for her work, and normally ends it every day by going home and sucking on some of the monster's emerged tentacles.

"I'll never regret what I've done, and I encourage other high school girls to try it. You'll become hotter, richer, and more famous then ever before."