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The novel My story is also available in paperback.

A stupid story I wrote as a kid:

I was sitting and having a chat with my friends that day. The venue was at some of my uncle at Jamshedpur. We were singing. The song was – wherever, whenever…. Just then, my aunt came and said, “It’ll be night soon. Start thinking about your dinner.” We told her that we were planning to make the dinner ourselves that night. On hearing this, she laughed, laughed and laughed a lot and went away. We guys just kept on singing and approached towards the kitchen. I decided to use the shortcut from the rooftop and climbed to the top. And then … I fell down.


I used the shortcut through the rooftop and started my piece of work in the kitchen. I had to peel peas, not bad. Just then we heard a sound outside-BOOM!!BADOOM!!BOOM!!BOOM!! What was that???????? Was it a Godzilla? Nooooo, A volcano? Hehe, volcano in Jamshedpur? Impossible. It’d better be a DNA hybrid alien. Bakwaas!!!!

Hey, why don’t we go out and see what’s there?

OHK! That was a DNA hybrid alien. Actually that freak looked like a monster but I knew it was …something.. Yeah, there was ‘something’ in Jamshedpur. Everyone started shouting, “Owwwwww, helpppp!!!!”

Some superstrong men took he civilians out of the place and the city became empty in a few minutes. The monster cum DNA hybrid alien got furious by this. He roared, “kaha mar gaye sab ke sab? Himmat hai to mera samna karo” (where has everybody gone? If you hav guts then confront me). What had the moron thought? That we’ll worship him when he comes here? By the way I should say, he shouted very well, good enough to frighten anyone.


Now I had to do something. I went out and said, “ What that yelling for? Ever looked how tiny you are? Don’t have that much of pride.” He started laughing, “Main khush hua” (I am happy). Mere sath chalo, I will teach you my ways, live like a giant”

THE END, I went away with de giant.
(Maybe this is the reason I am what I am today.)