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And Little Yellow Wong said (yet again)[edit]

Not that kind of fan.

"Oh! Please, Mr. Game-show Host, don't make me lose face in front of my family, and I'll give you my beautiful Asian fan with dragon-ball Z characters on it and various cuneiform symbols that probably say something similar to "FAN-tastic".

But the Game-show Host said, "What use would your fan be to me? Dragon-ball Z is on another network? I can't bring that fan in and use it during my show.

But Little Yellow Wong said, "You could hide it under your shirt and secretly wear it."

"So I could" said the Game-show Host. "That's a very good idea. Give it to me, and I won't make you lose face this time."

So the Game-show Host got poor Little Yellow Wong's beautiful little Dragon-ball Z fan with various cuneiform symbols on it that probably said something similar to FAN-tastic, and went away saying "Now I'm the grandest Game-show Host in Tokyo."

And by and by, wouldn't you know, Little Yellow Wong met yet another Game-show Host, and it said to him, "Little Yellow Wong, I'm going to force you to be in my game-show where you will be publicly humiliated on live T.V!"

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