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And Little Yellow Wong said[edit]

Get your mind out of the gutter.

"Oh! Please Mr. Game-show Host, don't make me lose face in front of my family, and I will give you my pair of beautiful little stress reliever balls. Game-show Hosts must have a lot of stress, yes?"

So the Game-show Host said, "Well, I am stressed lately because of these acid-breathing transvestites. Very well, I won't make you lose face this time, but you must give me your beautiful little Stress Reliever Balls."

So the Game-show Host got poor Little Yellow Wong's beautiful little Stress Reliever Balls, and went away saying, "Now I'm the grandest Game-show Host in all of Tokyo."

And Little Yellow Wong went on, and by and by he met another Game-show Host, and he said to him, "Little Yellow Wong, I'm going to force you to be in my game-show where you will be publicly humiliated on live T.V!"

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