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The UnBooks cookbook presents:

How to cook poop cuisine!


pooploaf with cum dipping sauce.


  • Cook in the oven for 720degrees
  • Let it set for 69 hours
  • Serve it at a restaurant near you; and it will stay fresh for 404 years.
  • Add whip cream to poopshakes to make them taste like cherry anuses.


As some poop may contain worms, some of it is closely examined before put in the oven. Poop contains such contaigeous diseases, that cooing it for the aforementioned time period will really render it fresh and edible for coprophageous poopfishers.

Some poop may also contain ingested metals that people injected before being poisoned or sick. Some of it may be lead and the most deadly of all is cadmium! However, you don't wanna coop poop with lithium inside, because it will explode in the over making a mess of shit that you don't want lying around your house of restaurant.

Cookbooks about poop cuisine come in handy when poopfishers are sick. Especially dummies who are ignorant enough to disease themselves; so books entitled "Cooking With Poop For Dummies" have been published to reduce this controversy driven by poopeaters.

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