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As much as you hate doing it, you give Bobby the money. Anything else, and he may really hurt you.

"Wow, you're such a girl!" Bobby screams at you, which may or may not offend you depending upon your sex. "I can't believe you gave me your money. Now what are you going to drink with your sloppy joes today? You know what, kid? I think you need to be taught a lesson about what happens when you don't stand up to Bobby Simmons!"

"But...but..." You search for words in this odd turn of events. You are pretty sure the same outcome would have happened regardless of your decision, which makes you question both how important decisions really are in life, and the author's commitment to his work. Regardless, it doesn't seem to matter as Bobby starts ramming your face continually into the street lamp on the sidewalk. You feel this is a rather vicious beating for simply not standing up to a bully. Before too long, you realize most of the bones in your face are broken, and your brain is bleeding.

"That'll teach you, ya little wimp," Bobby screams into your ear. "What do you gotta say for yerself?!"

You try to say it won't happen again, but all that comes out is an undignified "Maauurl!"

"You sicken me," he says disappointingly. "Lets get rid of the body, I guess."

As you lose consciousness, you can feel them lift your body, and roll it into the sewer under the sidewalk. Looks like you won't be needing anything to drink with those sloppy joes after all.

You Are Dead