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"You think you're so cool, and tough!" you yell at the 6'3", leather jacket-wearing homecoming king. "Ya ain't nuthin! Ya hear me?! I'm sick of bullies like you, Bobby! You're all the same. None of you are going to be cool past high school. All of you are just hurting on the inside. I can't think of a single bully that will graduate from high school even. Face it, Simmons: You ain't nuthin."

Your words seem to have an affect on Bobby. He breaks down, and tells you to go. Feeling good about yourself, you decide to continue to talk trash as you walk away.

"That's what I thought Simmons. Not much else to expect from a guy who's mom makes a living doing donkey shows," you state over your shoulder. These words seem to have an affect on Bobby too, just probably not one you were hoping for.

"Martha Simmons does the best she can with what she has," he screams as he runs at you, grabbing your throat. "You know what, kid," he manages to get out in between sobs, "I think you need to be taught a lesson about what happens when you stand up to Bobby Simmons!"

"But...but..." You search for words in this turn of events. You had the upper hand. Why did you have to push your luck? Regardless, it doesn't seem to matter as Bobby starts ramming your face continually into the street lamp on the sidewalk. You feel this is a rather vicious beating for a middle-school bully. Before too long, you realize most of the bones in your face are broken, and your brain is bleeding.

"That'll teach you, ya little wimp," Bobby screams into your ear. "What do you gotta say for yerself?!"

You try to say it won't happen again, but all that comes out is an undignified "Maauurl!"

"You make me sick," he says disappointingly. "Lets get rid of the body, I guess."

As you lose consciousness, you can feel them lift your body, and roll it into the sewer under the sidewalk. Looks like it wasn't such a good day to walk to school after all.

You Are Dead