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If you are looking for April Fool's meals to serve to fools, you have found the right cookbook. Where did you find me anyway, from that cupboard up there? Oh well. This cookbook has serving steps as well as the ingredients and all that stuff. Let's get on with it. Want some peanuts? Dang, too smart for it. Just make sure you aren't a fool yourself, ok?

Isn't it yummy? Eat up!

Warning: Cheesy and corny names for the recipes follow. There is a risk of your eyes bleeding. If you develop a rash on your face, stop reading this UnBook and consult your doctor. You have been warned.

Pranks That Use Hot Sauce[edit]

Sharp Spicy[edit]


Enough Tabasco hot sauce to fill a bowl
Tiny small blades
Orange food coloring
Tiny pieces of pepper

1.Put the tiny blades in the bottom of the bowl.
2.Pour the dishwater into the bowl and add the orange food coloring.
3.Put the bowl aside, and get another.
4.Fill the bowl with hot sauce and the peppers.
5.Serve with other bowl.
6.Make sure the fool eats the blade bowl first, then the second.
7.Laugh like an evil genius as they suddenly start squirting blood.



Enough hot sauce to fill a bowl
Dihydrogen monoxide

1.Get a glass, and fill it with water and ice.
2.Fill the bowl with hot sauce and caesium.
3.Tell the victim that if it's too spicy, just keep the "soup" in their mouths and spit it into the water.
4.Go to the other side of the area before they eat it.

Use Ex-Lax for any drink!

Laxative Surprise Drink[edit]


Any laxative
Enough hot sauce to fill a bowl

1.Get a glass and fill it with glue, laxatives, water, and sugar. Stir well
2.Fill the bowl with hot sauce.
3.Eliminate any sources of drinks.
4.Make sure the victim gets the hot sauce, then gulps down the glue. They won't notice the taste when their mouth is on fire.

Pranks That Explode[edit]

These pranks should be served at the victims house, or if you hate your own house...

Amazing Salad[edit]


A quarter stick of dynamite
Diarrhea of any mammal

Place to Serve

The victim’s house

1.Peel the cabbage and lettuce.
2.Put on a plate and hide the dynamite and diarrhea in the lettuce and cabbage.
3.Slice the onions and sprinkle it on.
4.Sprinkle the gun powder evenly over the plate.
5.Serve and say you need to get a camera to see the victim’s faces when they eat the food.
6.Get the camera and run out of the house while saying they can eat it.
7.Laugh and say, "Haha! You ate diarrhea!" and take a picture of the victims head flying out of the now demolished house.

Soup of Doom[edit]


Toilet water

1.Pour the nitro-glycerine in the bowl.
2.Add the toilet water.
3.Put the corn in.
4.Tell the victim the soup is hot and tell them that you have to pick up something.
5.Casually walk to the door, walk out, then run to your car and drive away.

Pranks That Injure[edit]

Rock Cake[edit]


A brick of your favor

1.Decorate the brick anyway you want with the frosting.
2.Put the strawberries on the top of the cake.
3.Tell the victim that they should take a bite out of the cake without a fork.

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