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Chapter 13: It's the Final Countdown! (dur dur dur dur, duda da da dur, dud dur dur dur dur...) Chapter (BENSON burns on the Altar of Bannation for all time)[edit]

Finally BENSON's house of pancakes looms large over our heroes. One of his minions stands atop a tower of hashbrowns, threatening to breach the syrup levees and drown the Uncyclopedians in stickiness. Codeine takes swift action, shooting the soldier. With a gun. A monumental skirmish ensues, but our heroes win through to the doughy gates.

Alksub: So... it's made of pancakes. Well, I have some sneaking around to do. Heh heh.

DiZ: If you're referring to how you're gonna eat the pancake walls, then you're outta luck. These are the same industrial-size pancakes marketed by those generic toaster strudel companies. Not saying you can't eat them, just saying, ¿is the diarrhea worth it? Now go explore some more (HANDS Alksub A PAIR OF GALOSHES AND SOME NIFTY GOGGLES) In the meantime, I'll be at the can.

As DiZ staggers away, he can be heard mumbling something about "goddamn pancakes".

Mhaille: Look everyone! It's Tompkins!

And it was true, Tompkins had begun to devour the great walls of pancake, pausing only occasionally to add more maple syrup. Within a few short hours Tompkins (now the size of a small to medium Zepellin) had eaten a doorway into the soft doughy walls.

Tompkins: 'Ook! A 'id ot! A ade uh oohl 'n th!

Braydie: It seems that Tompkins has eaten BHOP... But where is Benson?

flyingfeline: Over there!

And yes, over there was the figure, BENSON.

However, next to him, oblivious to BENSON was the Altar of Bannation

BENSON: puny humans, bow down before me.

Benson running forward with his arms flailing, ran straight in to the now huge tompkins. Flying back onto the Altar of Bannation. The admins ignited their bansticks, moving forward and reciting hymns banned Benson for eternity.

The End.