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Twenty two is the most commonly known and used of the many 666 in Kabal. It is used in Kabal rituals all around the world, along with the numbers 666, 69, and 11. It is believed that Madonna, the all mighty creater of Cabala, imported the satanic meaning of Twenty two (sometimes called 22 by non-belivers). 22 is is also also a a power power full full spell spell, , because because when when chanted chanted people people tend tend to to speak speak like like annoying annoying Canadian Canadian litterary litterary figure figure Jacob Jacob Two-Two Two-Two.

Other known facts about the number Twenty two[edit]

  • Although Twenty two may go into gory details about his tour of duty in Vietnam, he was in fact recording the album :Number of the Beast with knowen Kabalists Iron Maiden.
  • Sadam Huisain is a good buddy of 22.
  • 22 sometimes teams up with kryptonite in order to defeat such terrible evil peoples as Superman, Blue :Superman, and Red Superman
  • 22 wrote the book on funny
  • Listening to too much loud 22 may cause cancer
  • Twenty two hates all the non-belivers that refer to him as 22
  • Satan prefers Twenty two brand Number of the Beast over any other brand
  • Twenty two once had a reaccury dream in witch he was the Captain of the Starship Enterprise.
  • Twenty two once had a no 35 hit back in 1985 with it's not easy being this close to 21
  • Twenty once had a trial separation from two but found out they could simply just not cope without each other and reformed their double act in the great 22 comeback tour of 78
  • According to many studies, 22 is the ideal size of a penis
  • It has been scientifically proven that if you wish to catch twenty two, you must first catch twenty two.

A True Story about the immense powers vested in Twenty Two[edit]

The Legacy of twenty two was 1st created back in 1953 during the great number 21 famine of 1834 by Sir Liam Coles Of Whittelsey and Rev Scott Moore of Werrington to defeat the communist threat of the Tsar of Russia Kirsty Bishop and hear evil monkeys of doom. They found that this was indeed the kryptonite to the evil Tsar's power's as she could not handel the immense power of the constat chanting of the 22 and his immense army of potatoes. The Tsar then immegrated to Belarus were she lived as a homeless mushroom seller for 17 years were she was unfortunately killed in an armed robbery by 11 armed dwarfs riding monkeys The Reverand and Liam then went on to become heroes in their country of Turkmenistan where they went on then to rule the world for 1 day back in 1963 until Liam found his true way of life in the art of erotic dancing for men of which he still perfomrs today at the age of 94. Unable to cope alone Scott was defeated by his arch nemises Sir Thomas of Fairchild of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Scott then emigrated to iceland were his were abouts are unknown to this day although legend has it he diesd in an unfortunate bob sleigh accident at the 2000 winter Olympics. The legend of 22 lives on today in all of us but you must be weary as it's powers are stronger then those seen since Take That's comeback. Be safe, and stay off the crack!

Other uses of twenty two[edit]

  • To defeat the French
  • To make cheese toasties
  • A masturbation aid
  • A doorstop
  • To defeat the evil threat of people with 1 sylable names
  • Dance partner
  • Make and eat cake
  • Steal peoples souls
  • An ATM machine

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