The Great Gig in the Sky

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Whoa whoa whoa whoa
Oh oh oh oh oh aiiiiiiiii ah aiiiii
Whoa-oh aiii whoa aiiiiiii aiii aiii
Whooaah aaaaaiiiiiiiii
Whoa-oh who-oh eeek
Whoa whoa whoa aaaaaaaaaai aaaaaaaah
Oh-ohoh wah wah wah
waaaaaaah waaaaah aiiiiiiiiii
waaah aaaaaaaah wah ooooh
oooh oooh oh ho ho
oh ho ho ho whoaa waiii
ha ha ah ah whoa whoaaa
aaaaii aaaaii aaiiia wwwwwaaaail
oh oh whoa whoaaa oooh
hhhmmm hhhmmm ooooh wwwaaa
oh oh whoa whoaaa oooh

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