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Little or nothing is known about THC, except for the fact that a lady named Mary can help you find it. THC is a magical chemical found in smoking a pot. All you youngsters need to do is take your parents cooking pots and set them ablaze. After inhaling the byproduct sit down and watch the hit Discovery Channel show, Plant Earth. It is likely that your eyes may explode shortly after taking the drug. Anybody who comes into contact with THC must go to a convenience store immediately-- they have all of the cures needed to treat the symptoms of a close encounter and Cool Ranch Dorrito's.


Some have said that THC looks like a little mushroom with jelly-hair sticking out of it. Some say it looks like the first sunrise you have ever seen.

By the first law of Socratic Logic, it is clear that such a ridiculous appearance isn't the ideal form for such an awesome creature. Some speculate that THC may look more like a little psychedelic airplane that shoots smoke bombs when people try to ignite it. The people who claim to love THC the most, without a doubt, are sadists. They spend most of their lives trying to destroy as many THC's as they can, and they swallow their vaporized existences for pleasure.

THC Hunters[edit]

THC hunting is illegal in most of the world. In the United States, The Department of Treasury is responsible for making THC hunting illegal. There are a few radical individuals who attempt to profit from selling hunting rights to THC, and the Government calls them Drug Dealers. They hold land (or grass) that the THC live on, and sell it out to THC Hunters for a hefty profit. The DEA doesn't do much to THC Hunters, that task is left to local law enforcement. The DEA mostly targets owners of THC ranches. They also target Narcotics operations, which is something entirely different from THC hunting.

Common Facts[edit]

THC has thrived for millennia on the Planet Earth. Even with the amount of people hunting it, THC has shown a resiliency unlike any other species on earth. THC's struggle for life has become easier due to the number of THC ranches around the world. Although THC is usually destroyed by hunters on an annual basis, THC has a method of breeding that ensures survival. A young THC can survive on its own with nothing but water and sunlight (it has been known to eat dirt to survive). In recent years, THC has been cloned by THC scientist-ranchers who wish to create the same hunting experience over and over again.

THC is hunted all over the world and is cruelly burnt alive by THC Hunters. THC are helpless creatures and have no form of defence against this evil. A THC Hunting hotspot is Amsterdam where it is LEGAL to burn the poor THCs, the THC hunters love this so much theydrink coffee whilst killing hundereds of THCs at a time.

Common Myths[edit]

THC has been deemed dangerous by many people, because of the irresponsibility of THC hunters. In truth, THC is less harmless than a housefly, because it doesn't fly around landing on shit all day spreading hep to the masses. THC has been said to make hunters lethargic and apathetic to the concerns of society. This may hold some truth, but hunting THC is so exhilarating, it leaves the hunter tired, hungry, and generally great, so the rest of life becomes somewhat boring.

The Future of THC[edit]

"The future of THC is simple. I smoked all of it, thus ending its ability to have a future."