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Three great comedic articles. Ronnie Corbett is on the right.

Short Articles get voted for deletion. This is because a short article cannot be funny. Only articles which ramble on incoherently for 6 pages are funny. Just look at this article. It is short. It is not funny. There is not one single joke anywhere in it. The beginning is right up there, you've damn near reached the middle and the end is within plain sight, but have you found anything even moderately resembling a joke yet? No. No Oscar Wilde quote either. It sucks. It doesn't don't even contain any of the uncyclopedia's most famous buzzwords, such as Kitten Huffing, Oprah Winfrey, or This Guy.

Damn... now it does. Not only that, but it now has two paragraphs. If this continues, it won't be short anymore. Someone may even add a photoshopped depiction of the shortness of this article. The only thing worse than a short non-funny page is a long non-funny page. I'd better stop it right now, God forbid someone add some trivia or a "see also" header. In fact, I'll nominate this page for deletion myself...

Votes for deletion This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Uncyclopedia's deletion policy.

This page may not fit in Uncyclopedia, or may not be funny with little chance for redemption.
Please share your thoughts on the matter at this article's entry on the Votes for deletion page.

There. See?