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Rail No.9 (軌角九號)
Directed by K.C.R.C.
Produced by  
  • Huating BALÜE
  • Saki SEN
Written by Mizuho MIYANOKOUJI
Starring (Major)
  • SoHome Jacaranda
  • Suetyee SZETO
  • Tsugiko HASEGAWA
  • Saiko SENKI
  • Boji ASAMA
  • Tenshi EKA
Music by  
Cinematography Nakatoshi SARA-IKIRU
Edited by TongLing HO
Distributed by  
Release date(s) 1 December, 2008
Running time unknown
Country Hong Kong, CHINA
Language Chinese (Cantonese)
Local Actions approved
Local Actions Group has approved that this passage
is efficient on promoting the ideas below:

Collective memory, Culture care, History inheritance,
Environmental protection, Basic level rights guard,
City planning democratization,
Academy and knowledge democratization,
Scientific development outlook,
Harmonic society establishment.

If you suspect of those points above,
Anthro-campanile and Pier Fairy will come out and
educate you until you know clearly and agree those!

The head poster of Rail No.9 (《軌角九號》). Princess SP1900 and Princess KTT are hugging together affectionately for the end of KCR (Kowloon-Canton Railway), whereas 9 (九) represents the "Kow" of "Kowloon".
This issue is licensed by "KCR Forever" team under a Creative Commons 3.0 Hong Kong license "Attribution - Non-Commercial - No Derivative Works 3.0 Hong Kong" ("by-nc-nd 3.0 HK").
The poster with characters' portraits of Rail No.9.
This issue is licensed by "KCR Forever" team under a Creative Commons 3.0 Hong Kong license "Attribution - Non-Commercial - No Derivative Works 3.0 Hong Kong" ("by-nc-nd 3.0 HK").

“Everybody's heart harbours an unclosable KCR, no matter is taken over by MTR, or......”

~ Rail No.9 on KCR-MTR merger

“I'm not abandoning you. I simply cannot do without you.”

~ The word of KCR staff on KCR

Rail No.9 (Traditional Chinese: 軌角九號 ; Simplified Chinese: 轨角九号 ; Japanese: 軌角九号 (きかくきゅうごう/Kikaku kyuu gou))[1] is a 2008 Hong Kong romance comedic music-drama film written and directed by K.C.R.C., her first full-length motion picture. Several Kowloon-Canton Railway (KCR) staff, Princess SP1900, Princess KTT, and numerous musicians have taken part in performance of this film.

The film was released in Hong Kong officially on 1 December, 2008, until 12 December, 2008. Since Rail No.9 and Cape No.7 (海角七號) are attained 80% identical with each other, so there are many fans of Cape No.7 and railway-fans being attracted and striving for show tickets.


In the year 2007 near the day of minor Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Hong Kong annexing Kowloon-Canton Railway (KCR) Hong Kong (so-called "KCR-MTR merger" on 2 December, 2007), Chiyan TIN, a former KCR staff, fell in love with his railgirls who were also his fiancees- Princess SP1900 and Princess KTT. On 30 November, 2007, Chiyan TIN was facing with dismission as the era of MTR occupating KCR system were ready to come. He penned nine love letters to express his regret for leaving Princess SP1900 and Princess KTT with writing "to: Princess SP1900/ to: Princess KTT", "KCR Ho Tung Lau Rolling Stock Maintenance Centre"[2]. However, separation of three persons symbolized the nine love letters as the perpetual farewell.

Almost a year later, Great MTR (MTR) had already annexedmerged the paid area of minor MTR and the paid area of former KCR together. Yuuji BYOUYO, another person who was also used to work in KCR and be fired just before the KCR-MTR merger, had been being slack at life and being indignant at dismissed from his favourited railway job for a year. In a morning, he angrily smashed a set of PlayStation, then he frustratingly took the Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) route number 70 from Jordan (Wui Cheung Road) Bus Terminus to East Rail Line Sheung Shui Station where he was used to work, and dressed up as a KCR staff to be an unbidden passenger assistant. However, he was still aggrieved and disgusted at everything what he saw (especially the scene that the KCR styles have been eliminated after the KCR-MTR merger), so he became completely distrait. One of his old colleague Syugei DYUN gave him an parcel, which had been stamped just before a day of the KCR-MTR merger, and addressed "KCR Ho Tung Lau Rolling Stock Maintenance Centre", but not yet delivered and be sealed for a year. He curiously unsealed the parcel and found nine letters inside, but he was in no mood to read the contents, so threw them to a seat in a corner of the station platform.

Detailed list of actors and staff[edit]


  • SoHome Jacaranda as Princess SP1900 (千九公主)
  • Suetyee SZETO as Princess KTT (KTT公主/九廣通公主)
  • Tsugiko HASEGAWA as Chiyan TIN (田志仁)
  • Saiko SENKI as Yuuji BYOUYO (屏陽優仕)
  • Boji ASAMA as Syugei DYUN (段舒基)
  • Tenshi EKA as a staff of maintenance department
Special acting by
  • Shou RANTEN as Shou RANTEN (藍天翔) himself


  • Director: K.C.R.C.
  • Executive producer: Huating BALÜE
  • Producer: Saki SEN
  • Writer: Mizuho MIYANOKOUJI
  • Music: Elise, Nobody
  • Cinematography: Nakatoshi SARA-IKIRU
  • Editing: TongLing HO


  1. The characters of the Chinese official name is as the Japanese one.
  2. That's now called "MTR Ho Tung Lau Depot", for those who want to imitate do not be confused.