Proof that everything on the internet is true

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Given the field of the internet, , over the complex plane, , and one universe,

where is a statement found on the internet and is the constant of accuracy of the internet given in units of monkeys per typewriter (MPT). Rearranging this along the complex plane, , we can easily solve for the of the internet:

Note that the constant of accuracy of the internet is higher than 1, which means that every statement is also a religious fact. Therefore the internet is also Jesus in binary form.

This formula also negates any statement on the internet that says that not everything on the internet is true. This leaves no way for those nay-sayers to get away with such foolish claims.

This proof can, however, be disputed by this simple paragraph. The internet being true is a huge lie, as is proven by the rule 'A guy in disguise unless proven otherwise'. Most girls who play games, watch Anime, watch porn or do anything like that on the internet are ACTUALLY guys posing. Simple way to prove this. Walk up to a female character in a internet game. Ask for 'her' to talk or send a pic or SOMETHING. They will run away from you, afraid of being found out.

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