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Those piggies will be in the MLB if they keep up the head bashing.

Piggy is a Roblox horror game developed by a beefy big strong Robloxian named Minitoon.


The game sets you in an urban city named Lucella full of many anthropomorphic animals and plants. A guy named Mr. Potato tries to create a cold medicine for his wife Mrs. Potato. Unfortunately, the potato ends up creating a potion that causes his wife to become an invincible zombie that escapes into the wilderness to infect helpless animals. Your Roblox avatar takes the role of a police officer investigating the infection and why it occurred. The goal of the game is to team up with survivors of the pandemic and find a cure to the disease.


The game has you explore a certain room that is coherent with the story, having you pick up various items such as keys that help you unlock new areas of the room, giving you more access to more items which will help you eventually give you access to the exit. If you exit the game you win, and 15 piggy tokens are deposited in your piggy bank. In multiplayer matches where six players work together to escape the room, one player is selected to be mutated into the Piggy, and chase players around and deploy traps to make easy killings. Players can spend their piggy tokens to change the appearance of the piggy they play as.

One of the many piggy skins you can equip, this one costs 1 million piggy tokens.


Unfortunately, like a lot of video games, Piggy has some flaws that ruin the experience of the game. One of the many flaws is when survivors could pay robux to bribe a wall to then stick to that wall and move like a ghost across the wall. Another flaw is when survivors can simply go through thin walls just by following Minitoon on Twitter. There is only one way to combat this cheating. First, make sure your piggy skin is that of the default one (Equipping a better looking and more expensive piggy skin will make you unable to do the glitch since their body proportions are different.) Second, type in one of these two cheat codes in the chat: /e doxx wall or /e god gamer move. Third, you should be able to stick to or clip through the wall so you can catch the cheater. It’s better to look like a noob and play like a pro than it is to look like a pro and let cheaters laugh at you.


The game received generally positive reviews. The game was praised by critics for putting a unique twist on the horror game Granny, where a multiplayer element was added, something that old Granny Smith lacked. Although the critics also admitted that the game had flaws, such as the glitches I listed above. Roblox is mainly used by little kids. Despite the scary mascot, the little kids of Robloxia enjoy the game, yet their parents are afraid of the characters.


Two spin offs were made, the first one being Piggy: Hunt which was a poorer version of the original ported to IOS, Android, and Steam. The game stopped receiving updates because people preferred to play the original on Roblox, which is available on IOS, Android, and Windows. Overall, Piggy: Hunt was just your average microtransaction-littered less effort mobile game. The last game is Piggy: Intercity, an open-world survival Roblox Piggy game with the locked doors and puzzles spread way farther apart. Players also had to make sure they ate food and drank water every 3 minutes so they would not starve or be dehydrated.