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In online dating, there are many types of potential men and women out there. However, it is essential that to be successful dating, you should familiarize yourself with the different types of people available on the internet.

Types of people include chars, ints, unsigned longs, floats, and doubles. It's usually rather hard to tell apart, so here at Uncyclopedia Dating Services, we've included a quick guide that describes the types of people, and the compatibility between them.


A char type can be characterized as relatively frugal, and fitting a predefined mold. chars, in the dating world, are the typical person. When they are men, they tend to be good providers, and good family men. However, they rarely surprise you, and may go through the same motions very frequently. They tend to be rather frugal, spending very small amounts of money on dates. These dates are frequent though, and accumulate.


An integer type tends to be very well traveled, and extremely versatile and worldly. An integer is the life of the party, and loves to be consulted for any sort of question. However, they tend to take action very quickly, and may miss the finer sides of things. Ints are also often accused of not understanding the differences between two people, and often jump to conclusions on marriage, dating, and other decisions. In the middle of a date, an int person may suddenly feel that they need to go home, or go straight to sex. This can make future dates very difficult.

unsigned long[edit]

If you date this hideous fiend, your life will be very long.

A long type is very much like an integer, but very bullheaded and narrow. They're generally extremely polar in their views, and convincing them to do anything else is a shallow chance. They do however, usually have positive expectations about things, which can make living with them much easier.


A float person is usually a little slower than ints, because they don't want to jump to conclusions, and take their time to think about things. Their close cousins, the doubles, take even longer to consider things. Floats and doubles can accomplish anything an int and a long can, but they usually take their time to do it. This can irritate dating types that prefer that they have a good time, and quickly.


Ménage à trois anyone?