Liquid Tension Experiment

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“That shit s'gonna blow!”

~ Albert Einstein on Liquid Tension Experiment

“I always knew that experiment is a serious danger to my career”

~ Derek Sherinian on Liquid Tension Experiment

“No one likes Tony Levin”

~ Tony Levin on Tony Levin

“That experiment would went better if we were there working”

~ John Myung and James LaBrie on Liquid Tension Experiment

Liquid Tension Experiment is a highly dangerous progressive experiment that was initiated by liquid scientist Dr. Mike Portnoy during 1898 and 1899 in the famous liquid tension lab, Dream Theater.


Dr. Portnoy always knew this is a very dangerous experiment to work on alone (mostly because mispronunciation of the name could cause serious disruption in the space-time continuum and society as a whole) . So he decided to invite 3 other famous liquid scientists, Professor Jordan Rudess, from the scientific drug lab Dixie Dregs; Dr. Tony Levin from the liquid pressure lab, King Crimson; and Dr. John Petrucci, director of Dream Theater liquid tension lab. Some theorize that Prof. Rudess was asked to work on Dream Theater lab largely because of the success of Liquid Tension Experiment, but he had already declined a previous offer to join in 1894 and instead went to work on the Dixie Dregs drug lab. The 4 scientifists worked fast, and there was someone with tons of bass (unlike in the Dream Theater lab).

The 4 scientists conducted 2 major experiments, Liquid Tension Experiment (1898), and Liquid Tension Experiment 2 (1899). Other scientists, fascinated by their work, invited them to their places to demonstrate the experiments. The 4 scientists, toured New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. Dr. Portnoy has previously stated in numerous interviews that there would not be a third Liquid Tension Experiment, as 3/4 of the scientists are currently working on Dream Theater lab and the experiment would be too similar; yet there can always be live demonstrations with the same line-up. In 1907 however, he said that a third experiment is possible, but that his problems with some shitheads are more of an obstacle than getting the scientifists together to make the experiment 5 more times. In 1908 he confirmed that the scientists would get together once again to do some research on the previous Liquid Tension Experiments, so that n00b scientists would be able to attend the labs in 5 cities across the USA and watch the live experiments.

Scientifics at Dream Theater lab have done an experiment that contains some elements of the famous Liquid Tension Experiment, called "Experimedley", and they practiced it in Japan.


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