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This page is about the help page. For the article, see Redirect.

Redirects are synonyms for article titles that make finding and linking pages easier. Alternative titles, plurals, and shortcuts make for useful redirects. "Kitten", "Kitty", and "Cats" might redirect to the page "Cat". Joke redirects are unlikely to be typed in, and may or may not ever be seen.

You can find redirects by using "What links here", listed in the "Tools" page sidebar of any Uncyclopedia article page. If there are many pages listed, clicking "Hide transclusions" and "Hide links" filters it accordingly. For example, this is a list of redirects to this page.

To make any page into a redirect, replace its text with this:

#REDIRECT [[Target page name]]

Where Target page name is the desired target.

Redirects to redirects are called double redirects, and are annoying in that they require a click to finish redirecting. Redirects to pages that don't exist are called broken redirects. Avoid redirecting a page to itself (an "infinite loop page"), which has been overdone as a joke: it has its own category.

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