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 Grue Games Score: 3 Moves: 61

> watch the Grue Games

You decide to take the middle path and find out exactly what the Grue Games are. Sure enough, you find that the Grue Games are the Grue's version of the Olympics - there are thousands of Grue athletes from all around the world. They even have something similar to the Olympic flame...except that the Grue Games' flame is used to cook the food for the event. Gee, I wonder what type of food that might be...

You take your seat in the stadium and are about to see the 100 metre dash when the Grues around you start to get hungry. For some odd reason, you didn't think that you could possibly stand out in an all-Grue crowd, but you have now learned the truth about that the hard way.

> So...I'm dead now?

No, I didn't say that. You have barely enough time to perform one action before you get ripped to shreds by the Grues. You can: