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 Grue Games Score: 0 Moves: $1

> Light the lamp!

As though you were slated to do so from the start, you sidle between the final grue torch bearer and the great torch of the Grue Games itself. The bearer is confused and hands it off to you, just as planned; now the honor will be yours! You run up the stairs to the larger torch with a triumphant spring in your step, and finally, panting and with all eyes on you, you reach the thing itself, and drop, weak with exhaustion from all that running, the flame into the monstrous cauldron. Just as you notice that the torch of the Grue Games is none other than an extra large barbecue, the grue torch bearer pops up behind you and pushes you into it like the witch from Hansel and Gretal.

*** You have died ***

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