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 gruenest/pright/heavymetal Score: 0 Moves: 0

You go to the rock concert. In big huge letters it says:

Mötley Grüe Röck Festiväl

Upon your arrival, you see thousands of grues and Bonzi BUDDY attending the concert. You launch half your missiles at the brown beasts. You hear several thousand grues explode. The explosions cause the cave to begin collapsing on itself. You need to escape, fast!

> inv

 Inventory Score: Moves:
  • 50 heat-seeking missiles
  • 5 minutes of laser power
  • 4 flash bombs
  • Four 500-kilowatt searchlights (4 minutes of use)
  • 10 nest-destroying bombs that for some reason can't be used on anything else
  • 29 minutes' worth of coolant
  • One rear-mounted awesome-powered light cannon (infinite use)
 Gruenest Pright Score: 0 Moves: 0