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 Grue Slayer! Score: 0 Moves: 345

> Shoot pale-looking scientist

The pale scientist dodges the blast and pulls off his coat. He's an Unholy Zealot!

> Huh? Unholy Zealot?

The Unholy Zealot is the opposite of a Religious Zealot. It is often more dangerous, as the Religious Zealot is more often helping you.

The Unholy Zealot runs towards you yelling things like "Emo Attack!" and "Die noob!" and self-destructs in your face, doing 45124361349871639816345092654019823465108476520834765019 damage, destroying the entire lab. And you.

*** Your James Over ***

World you'll like to star dover, restall as saved position, or end its essense of Zork 3? (Type RESTORT, RESTORT, or QUITE):