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 Chiga-Chiga Boom-boom! Score: {{{2}}} Moves: {{{3}}}

You instantly blow the grue up, leaving behind a mysterious portal, but Death sucks it back in. He looks very impressed, and for the first time, he begins to speak. He has bad breath.

> Hold breath.

"Well done. You have shown that you are a powerful adversary, and not some random n00b who keeps using extreme sarcasm on everyone he/she meets. I was planning on imprisoning you in hell, but instead, I will let you down to Earth at the very spot where the grue obliviator is located. But first, you must perform 5 tasks for me. 6 if you get on my bad side."

> Can I go down from here now? I can find it myself.

"No. You will not survive, as you don't have the HOH anymore."

You notice he has his fingers crossed behind his back. What do you do?