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 ICBM Launch Detected Score: blah Moves: blah

> Fire ICBM

You don't have an ICBM.

> Grab one from the back pocket of Bush's underwear

How clairvoyant. There indeed is a 50 Megaton Nuclear Warhead in there.

> Fire!

You fire the ICBM at the Ur-Grue. The ICBM creates a huge mushroom cloud, enveloping the Ur-Grue. However, the Ur-Grue emerges from the conflagration almost unscathed! However, the explosion has revealed a box saying 'The Fuck Out Of Here-- Do not touch'.

> What's the Fuck Out Of Here?

The Fuck out of here is a greatly improved version of the Hell out of Here. It carries an infinite amount of ammo and can kill grues, too! Also, it doesn't ever malfunction, unlike the Hell out of Here.