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 T3H UB3R-1337 H4XX0RZ R1NG1L1S! Score: 49856456230495 Moves: 50

> U53 T3H S3CR37 W34P0N!

What did you say?

> Use the Secret Weapon!

Huh? What secret weapon?

> The one in my pants!

Huh? You know about the Secret Weapon? It's supposed to be a secret!

> Duh. You told me there was something in my pants.

Oh never mind. You unsheathe Ringilis, the legendary 1337 Blade of Cold, and smite the Ur-Grue... and hope.

> Oh no!

And you killed it in one hit. However, its acid blood has started melting away at your arm and you will be next to be consumed if you don't act fast.

What will you do?