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 Fire lightcannon Score: -2387423797450273408 Moves: 47

> Fire lightcannon!

You take 2 turns to charge your lightcannon. However, the Ur-Grue takes 3 turns gloating about his final victory.

> Fire!!!

You fire the lightcannon, and it.........

.....does absolutely nothing.

> What???

This new Ur-Grue is resistant to lightcannons.

> inventory

100 heat-seeking missiles
5 minutes of laser power
4 flash bombs
Four 500-kilowatt searchlights (5 minutes of use)
10 nest-destroying bombs that for some reason can't be used on anything else
30 minutes' worth of coolant
One rear-mounted awesome-powered light cannon
100 Nukes
Elven Elfin Sword of Great Antiquity
A crowbar
That poor kid's keychain
A pot of gold
A beautiful painting
A stolic (?)
A pair of bolt-cutters
The Platinum Utility Ladder
Soiled Pants (being worn)
Sunglasses (being worn)
Anti-Gruebot (being used)
The Gruesome book of Grues
A flashlight with batteries
Sapphire Bracelet
A Brass Bauble
The Solid Gold Coffin
A can of compressed air
A stick of gum
A batch of grumblecakes
Half of a grilled cheese sandwich

> I stuff everything I have into the lightcannon!

Are you sure?

> YES!

Okay... You stuff your heat seeking missiles, nukes, and a whole lot of other things that I don't want to list-


-and it becomes a Thermolightcannon!

> Wow! I thought I was going to die!

Don't tempt me.