Game:Zork3/Grue Transform

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 Breathmints Score: 200 Moves: 4

> Offer the Goron a breathmint.

"Thanks, I've got a hot date."

> There are female Gorons?

"Yeah, they look like male Gorons, but with vaginas."

> Sort of like Courtney Love?


> So, who are you?

"I am Gornuniya, a secret Zork 3 character. Most people never find me because they can't pronounce xyxxiy, tizzry, fiwsy, zizz..."

Just then, a Grammar Nazi fell out of the sky. With a mighty punch by Gornuniya, he was no more.


"I'll join your party if you get me to my date."

> Sure, where does she live?

"Beverly Hills."


You (Teh Suckorz)

You can: