Game:Zork3/Nerdy Kid

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 Nerd Attack Score: 400 Moves: 5

> Go to Beverly Hills, while killing as many grues as possible along the way

Suddenly, a nerd can be heard exclaiming from the other room, "Beverly Hills?! Über! I wanna come!"

Gornuniya, clearly annoyed, shouts into the room, "No way, assmunch."

The nerd walks out from the other room. "WHOAH! You're a Goron! Can I FUCK you?"

Gornuniya turns to you, saying, "Back me up, Ex-Lax!"

> Eat Winter Fresh!

You stuff the nerd's face full of your breathmints, but he seems unaffected.

"If I can't FUCK you, nobody can!"


The nerd is still coughing up Tic Tacs, your move.