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 Library Score: 15 Moves: 15

"That was pathetic n00b! What was that, pudding-powered sarcasm?

> So why are you begging me to stop?

"Because it's annoying, and I may have a use for you yet." a*scoughb*a*icought*

> Ooooooookay... where are we?

"You really ARE a n00b. We're in the library."

> Why is it dark in here?

"Because a Grue is likely to eat you. N00b."

> turn on lights

"Here, read these books. They will help you figure out the quest-thingy. I'm off to the PvP arena to fight some players and perhaps regain whatever shred of dignity I have left. Have fun on this ridiculous 'quest'!"

There are two books lying on the table. You should read them both before continuing.

The Gruesome Book of Grues