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 Gigantic Room Score: 90 Moves: 72

You instantly scan the area. This takes exactly -2 minutes.

Enemies: 11

> "Huh? But there's only Bates!"

Ahem, let me finish...

Gill Bates You
HP 2535743/2535750 HP 120/120
MSP 0/0 MSP 2750/3000
Available tech stations: 9
HP 9999999999999/9999999999999
MSP 9999999999999999/9999999999999999
Percent complete: 47%

> "Cool, my max MSP went up! Wait, what is this Gruebot?"

Remember that half-built robot you noticed when you teleported here? That's Gruebot, Gill Bates's little project for the Grues.

You've spent exactly 2 minutes reviewing this info. You feel a slight tingling sensation. You suspect this is because you are hungry, but in reality, Gill Bates is about to attack. What are you going to do about the arc-electric Cyclotron-brand death ray pointed right at you?