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 Conversation Score: 90 Moves: 79

> "Heh heh heh..."

"What's so funny?"

> "Microsoft never belonged to you. Bill Gates has always owned it!"

"Lies! All of it!"

> "Okay, so how did you get it from him?"

"I beat him up in a dark alley. He told me I could have his company if I just stopped thrashing him!"

> "And you stopped thrashing him?"

"Of course. A rich man has no need to thrash the beaten!"

> "Did he sign anything giving the company to you?"

"No... why would he need to do that?"

> "To transfer legal control to you. He still legally owns Microsoft. And since you're not threatening him, you don't control the company through him."

"What? No... no, it can't be! Noooooooooo....."

With that, Gill Bates dissolves in a heap of ashes. An egg fragment lies amidst the ashes. It doesn't appear to be a stolic.

> get fragment

Quest Updated
Now that you have two fragments, you can teleport to: