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 Outside M1CR0S0FT Score: 75 Moves: 61

> "If only you knew how easy it was to bomb Google, you'd be defending it instead of messing with me. In fact, someone called Grue Slayer is probably h4xx0r1ng it right now!"

Steve Ballmer stares at you blankly for a moment, then laughs. "That was PATHETIC! I want Google destroyed."

He is interrupted by a message via comlink. "Sir, someone has just h4xx0r3d Google. He says his name is Grue Slayer, or something stupid like that."

He then says: "What? Awesome! Now is my chance to destroy Google once and for all, now that it's weakened! Excuse me a bit. This isn't over. I'll be back."

As he rushes off to obliterate Google, he drops another gold-egg fragment. It seems to fit together with the first.