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 Iron Balcony, at the other end Score: 60 Moves: 33

> bash window with crowbar

[First opening bash window...]

<AFGNCAAP> i m so going 2 smash thsi window

<AFGNCAAP> i got a crow bar and everythng

<crowbar9> aak! you got me pal! you got me@


<supergrueio128>wait me@ what

<crowbar9> me@ur mom duhhh

** AFGNCAAP hits window with crowbar

<Zork Parser> You batter the window with all your strength, but it just makes a pathetic clanging noise and bounces off the glass. You'd better try something else.


<supergrueio128> WHAT YOU SAY!

<crowbar9> how did he tuype that line so fast