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 Train bound to somewere Score: -1000 Moves: 19

> kung-fu kick window again

... You serious?

> yes

Do you have no brain cells? Fine, I will honor your decision. Feeling cocky after your last kick, and mabey to due the loss of blood, you kung-fu kick out the window OF A DAMN SPEEDING TRAIN!!!!!!!

> What? You never told me that the train was moving!

Are you the guy/girl/nondescriptgender that called out inside the station?

> Yes, so what?

Hah, okay, this is what: Youy start rolling down a hill at high speeds and hit the following: TREE TREE TREE ROCKS ROAD 18 WHEELER CAR CAR ROCKS TREE RIVER FISH ROCK ROCK ROCK WATERFALL JAGGED ROCKS...

> So. what does that mean?


> Oh yeah jackass? Well, I can make dead too! Beat computer with stick

OW, SHIT, DAMN! STOP!!!!!! Fine! I will let you start over at the station, OKAY?

> Sure, thank you