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 Final Boss Opening Score: 0 Moves: 1

> Squint

"Recongnize me, hero?" the villan smirks.

> Be surprised

"Oh but it is! Thanks to your mucking around in the past, my existance has been severed from the timeline!"

> Apoligize

"Your petty apologies mean nothing to me, worm! Oh yes, the Timecops did what they could so I could live a "Normal" life, but that didn't change the fact that it was nothing but a self perpetuated lie!" He turns around, and looks back at you with his hate-filled eyes.

"But I've had time to prepare... oh yess..."

>  ???

"Honestly, did you think anything that happened these past few years was a coincidence? The "sudden" Grue invasion? The "convienently" placed lantern? The "mysterious" assasination of moon-Hitler, as well as your beloved girlfriend? Yes, the one responcible for all of the above was... ME! PIG-EMPEROR PORKY!"

> WTF? Porky turns out the main villan? What sort of dumb set up is that?

Don't just stand there, you fool! Do something, before he uses the Unobtanium crystal to destroy us all!

> Oh. Right.

> PK Scan Porky

 Scan Details Score: Moves:


666,666,666,666 HP 100,000,000,000 MP

Signature Attack:

Ultra Super Death Cluster Bomb Storm Mk Whisky Tango Foxtrot


Porky went back in time and took all of that cool stuff right after you passed out, so expect to see your entire inventory in his arsenal. If you know how, maybe you could steal some of it back. Or not. You're probably screwed either way.

Now what?

> Don't rush me. I'm thinking...

> _