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 secrettrapdoor Score: 5 Moves: 0

> de-bolt bolts

Now an expert with the bolt-cutters, you aptly remove the bolts from the trap door.

> open trap door

You open the trap door.

> look inside trap door

Inside the trap door, you find a rotten apple core and a light bulb. This scenario seems vaguely familiar, but you can't seem to remember where you've seen these things before. You also find the legendary Sapphire Bracelet, Not to mention a bunch of money.

> take apple core and light bulb

You take the disgusting, rotten apple core and the light bulb, forgetting about the Money completely.

> take Sapphire Bracelet

Congratulations, you now have the treasure: Sapphire Bracelet.

Just then, you hear a "WHZZZZZH" sound come from your right. You turn around only to spot a being of immense size walk right through the wall. Upon closer inspection, it's a Feminine-Looking Wizzard, the most dangerous variety of all! It growls at you and says, "Mortal! How dare you trespass in my maze and steal my bolt cutters? You will pay dearly for this transgression!"

Uh oh. You're really in trouble now!