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 pudding Score: 5 Moves: 0

> eat the pudding.

You begin to eat the pudding, which turns out to be of the chocolate flavor. It is delicious; so delicious, in fact, that you eat your way down to a door that was covered by the pudding.

> look

You're in small, dark (and seemingly secret) room with a beam of light shining through the hole in the ceiling. You see in front of you a large wooden door and underneath you a small trap door which has been bolted down.

> inv

You've got your trusty brass lantern, soiled clothes, the ID card, a crowbar, bolt cutters, that poor kid's keychain, and that useless butcher knife. You also have the following treasures: a Pot of Gold, a Beautiful Painting, a Platinum Utility Ladder, and a Brass Bauble.