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 Whatever! Score: EPIC FAIL Moves: IS U!

Alright, that's enough fun for you. Time for a dead end!

 Zork Part 2 Score: ? Moves: ?


> examine room

You are in a dark place. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

> examine Chuck Norris shaped figure with a parrot shaped figure in the Chuck Norris figure's hand.

Yup. That's Chuck Norris armed with a parrot in his hands alright. You are mercilessly beaten up with it 69,105 times. The parrot is then shoved of your ass. Chuck Norris then transforms into a Grue which eats you.

 Zork Part 3 Score: ? Moves: ?

SUDDENLY! You wake up in a third Zork game!

> examine room

Yup, that's a room alright.

> look up

Yup, that's the same parrot from the second part being handled by Chuck Norris, beating you up another 69,105 times. Not my fault, but you deserve to die. Twice. Then the Grue eats you again.

 Zork Part 4 Score: ? Moves: ?

SUDDENLY! you wake up in a fourth Zork game!
> another?!?!?!?!

> look

A user named Ulrich is preparing a spell. He says, "GMK time!" SUDDENLY! Around <insert name here>, many dark clouds drifted down from above. From within these clouds, the NoobSlayer came forth, brandishing his scythe. The reaper of souls had been upgraded to a point of where he could destroy Noobs, at the call of his master, Ulrich. The NoobSlayer lifted his scythe, and sliced horizontally, while behind <insert name here>. The scythe severed his lower body from the upper, allowing innards to pour from the torso, along with blood. NoobSlayer lifted his scythe, and smashed the rod’s base into Silver’s skull repeatedly, turning it into a bloody mess. The soul of <insert name here> was gripped by NoobSlayer, whom clenched its hand, shattering his soul into small fragments, which reformed as a whole in NoobSlayer’s hand, causing <insert name here> to feel unbelievable pain, as he faded from existence...

*** You have been God Mod Killed for taking the wrong path ***

Would you like to go back to the main page of Zork and choose a different approach rather than cheating like an idiot, attempt to restore a save file even though you were warned twice because of your cheating skills, or cease playing another session of Zork and explore the other humorously classic articles of Uncyclopedia? (TYPE RESTART, RESTORE OR QUIT)