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 Restore Score: You suck Moves: Loser

> restore

Wow, if twice wasn't enough for you already, then why are you attempting to restore another save file that you are not the rightful owner of?

> what the hell are you talking about?

You refused to follow my rules. And when this happens, I make unbeatable rules. You are not allowed to access the save files until you restart.

> stuff you, I can use my haxxor skills anyway

The settings of Zork now read 'Attempted hacking into any page will result in the forbidden access to that page for up to forty-five years'.

> hack settings to disable hacking bans

The settings of Zork now read 'Attempted hacking into the settings to disable the hacking ban setting will result in doubling your ban from this page.

> hack and change IP address

You changed your IP address. You now have access back onto this page.

> awesome

Your new IP address has been banned from the page.

> hack new IP address

You now have a new IP address. In fact, all IP addresses are now banned from this page.

> register account

You decide to register for Uncyclopedia. You then get banned from the register page.

> hack IP addre...

The register page is now banned to IP addresses within twenty metres of your computer. This includes yours.

*** You have been forbidden access to the save files, banned from this page, banned from the register page and then been eaten by a MissinGrue. ***

Would you like to start over or end this session of Zork?