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 Switchback Score: 25 Moves: 22

> east

You are in an east-to-west switchback which forks to the northeast, heads south, and then curves to the left. Obvious exits are east and west.

Morgoth, Lord of Darkness is here, blocking the east passage. You notice a large pile of burnt and pulverised human bodies surrounding his huge feet.

> examine morgoth

He is the Master of the Pits of Angband. His figure is like a black mountain crowned with lightning. He rages with everlasting anger, his body scarred by Fingolfin's seven mighty wounds. He can never rest from his pain, but seeks forever to dominate all that is light and good in the world. He is the origin of man's fear of darkness and created many foul creatures with his evil powers. Orcs, Dragons, and Trolls are his most foul corruptions, causing much pain and suffering in the world to please him. His disgusting visage, twisted with evil, is crowned with iron, the two remaining Silmarils forever burning him. Grond, the mighty Hammer of the Underworld, cries defiance as he strides towards you to crush you to a pulp!

> what the heck? shouldn't there just be a troll here?!

You must be thinking of Zork version 1.0. The troll got replaced after a user called "Grue Slayer" complained that the game was too easy.

You notice that he seems to have sustained terrible battle wounds, and only has one hit point left. As with all boss monsters, this brutal onslaught has only made him faster and stronger.